Starting to use a Marillac service

If you are interested in a particular Marillac service, you can get a brochure or look on the service's page on this website to find out what the service offers, how much it costs, who is eligible and how you apply. This page tells you some important things that are the same for all Marillac services. When you are starting a service, or want to apply to start a service, you should know:
  • Marillac does not discriminate against anyone because of race, gender, culture, religion or sexuality
  • In some services, there can be special access requirements and other important factors in determining whether we can provide support
  • Marillac takes applications through referrals from other agencies, or directly from people wanting support, families or guardians
  • Marillac will listen with respect to your choices and, if appropriate, the views of your family or guardian
  • You can get an advocate to help you choose a service and apply
  • After you apply, Marillac will decide if we are the best organisation to support you
  • If there is any delay in making a decision, Marillac will contact you so you know what is happening.
If Marillac is able to offer you a place in the service, we will:
  • Make sure you start as quickly and smoothly as possible
  • Ask you to choose some things about how the service is provided, including who you want to support you
  • Make sure you start getting the support you want quickly
  • Agree with you on a written plan, so we can understand what you want and what is important to you, and you know what we will do to support you.
If Marillac is not able to offer a place in a service, we will:
  • Give you information on other options for support
  • Tell you why we made our decision, and how you can ask for our decision to be reviewed if you want to
  • Make sure you are able to apply for any other service you want to.
Our Processes and decisions will always comply with:
  • The law in Victoria and Australia
  • The requirements of the Victorian Government and other bodies who fund our services
  • Our own policies (you can see a copy of our policies on our website here, or you can ask for a copy).
If you would like to find out more, please contact us.