Places to live with support

Marillac has a wide range of housing options you can choose from. Some accommodation offers a home-like atmosphere with significant support from trained staff: We also have houses and units where you can live independently.  There are no staff living there and you choose what extra support you want.  These independent options are:
  • Neighbourhood Connections (KeyRing) networks are in Rosebud and Armadale.  If you join Neighbourhood Connections, we help you find private accommodation near other network members so you can help each other if you want to, as well as getting part-time staff support.
  • Ardyne House is private housing in Murrumbeena with six units over two storeys.
  • We have two units in Clayton, in a building where another person lives in a third unit for neighbourly support if needed.
  • Housing Choices is a not-for-profit organisation helping provide disadvantaged people with safe, quality, affordable housing. Marillac works with DHS to help people we support access this service.